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Software Development

Web-based Applications

Accessing information and services over the Internet using your browser is in wide use. Smart businesses are moving away from Desktop applications to Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for their business systems to work smarter within their organisations and to reach out to customers and suppliers. Read more >

Mobile Applications

We offer high quality mobile application development designed to fit your needs. Chances are that if you are a large corporate or government organisation, you could use a mobile application to help you communicate and stay in touch with your employees, and help them be able to transfer data back to you. Let's look a little closer at what a mobile application is and how it can help you or your business. Read more >

Enterprise Systems Integration

We offer enterprise system integration to help your business keep its computer systems connected, even through a distributed network. Middleware, as it's commonly called, is software that connects various software components in a distributed system. For instance, middleware can connect a hosted database with a mobile application so that the application can access and pull information from the database. It can also connect multiple applications together that creates seamless, integrated user experiences and business processes. Read more >